Neighborhoods Initiatve

When It’s Gone, It’s Gone
Too often the historic buildings, sites, landscapes and structures that make each of our neighborhoods distinct, diverse and dynamic are threatened with destruction through demolition. Our neighborhoods are left scrambling at the eleventh hour to save the places that matter to the community, provide their community identity and a connection to their collective history. 


We Can Save What Is Left
Sometimes they are saved. Often, they are lost forever. Cincinnati Preservation Association’s Neighborhoods Initiative will address this issue with preventive and community-driven plans and actions. It is the historic fabric as a whole that makes our region notable. Each individual neighborhood needs our immediate action to ensure they are preserved for future generations.

We’ve Got This
Thankfully, CPA is eager and ready to accomplish this work. As the local leader on all things preservation, our organization is qualified to lead the charge in rescuing the dozens of vulnerable sites and structures in each corner of our region. 

National Model
Nothing like this has been done nationwide. When you support CPA’s groundbreaking work in neighborhood preservation, you help launch a program that will serve as a model across the country. Ready to create a catalyst that starts in greater Cincinnati?

Preserving the Identity, Character and Culture of a Place
The Neighborhoods Initiative will create an avenue for communities to be proactive in protecting their historic resources. In collaboration with residents, businesses, councils and vested partners, CPA will guide neighborhoods to shape the future of their own community from the ground up. CPA will:

  • Educate each neighborhood on their previously documented historic resources 
  • Help neighborhoods identify and document any additional historic resources they deem most important
  • Offer training and workshops on the designation and nomination applications required to protect their community assets
  • Empower neighborhoods to actively save the sites they value the most 


Coming to Your Neck of the Woods
Every neighborhood deserves to have their history preserved and their story told. That’s why CPA plans to reach not only all 52 neighborhoods in the City of Cincinnati, but also, our surrounding communities, municipalities and townships within the I-275 belt loop. This is central to creating a sense of place, creating sustainable communities and a core pillar to economic development. From the craftsman homes in Latonia, Covington to the iconic businesses in the Westwood Business District, to the four square houses in Norwood, they all need our attention to ensure they remain inhabited and celebrated. 

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