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Cincinnati Sites and Stories is a free mobile app and website that puts Cincinnati history at your fingertips.


Developed by Cincinnati Preservation Association, Cincinnati Sites and Stories lets you explore the people, places, and moments that have shaped the city’s collective history. Learn about the region through layered, map-based, multimedia presentations, use social media to share your stories, and experience curated historical tours of Greater Cincinnati.


CPA and its contributors are constantly expanding the website and app by adding new stories and tours. Our priority is to seek out and tell stories that may not be well known and to make sure that everyone’s history is represented in the stories we tell and document.

    Featured Stories include:

      • Union Baptist Cemetery

      • Green Book

      • Underground Railroad

      • Madisonville

      • Findlay Market

      • Village of Lincoln Heights

      • West College Hill Neighborhood

      • Village of Ripley

     If you are interested in contributing stories and content to Cincinnati Sites and Stories contact

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