History of Cincinnati Preservation Association

In 2014 Cincinnati Preservation Association, then known as the Miami Purchase Association, celebrated its 50th anniversary. An exhibition was launched at Cincinnati Museum Center to honor CPA founders and celebrate preservation.


Exhibition highlights seen below illustrate the evolution of the preservation movement which placed our current work of neighborhood revitalization within a comprehensive context. 


The gallery was organized into four thematic areas: Founders and Origins, Tools of Preservation, Champaign’s to Save Buildings, and Preservation Today. These themes fit within a chronological order and helped underscore the evolution of the movement from a focus on museum houses and landmark properties to today’s more comprehensive view of the role historic resources play in the full life of a city.


A timeline of CPA and its highlights from its establishment in 1964 to today is also included at the end. 


Section 1: Founders and Origins

Section 2: Tools of Preservation

Section 3: Campaigns to Save Buildings

Section 4: Preservation Today

Timeline 1964 to today

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