CPA Presents to Cincinnati City Council

CPA Executive Director, Beth Johnson, presented at Cincinnati City Council on January 31, 2023 about the importance of Historic Preservation.


Watch her 20 minute section by skipping to the 2 hour marker on the recording.


She informed council members that Historic Preservation is beneficial to our city because:

  • it retains our unique CULTURE and makes this an interesting and vibrant place to be
  • it is more SUSTAINABLE and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than building new by keeping construction materials out of our landfills, reusing the embodied energy exerted in the initial build, and reducing demolition pollution
  • it’s smart INVESTMENT that creates local jobs, tax credits that attract development and brings heritage tourism
  • it creates HOUSING STABILITY in housing value and in population through popular historic district designations
  • promotes AFFORDABLE HOUSING by rehabilitating abandoned buildings like old schools, libraries or hotels for adaptive reuse
  • it tells our past and present STORIES around what it means to be a resident, business or visitor of Greater Cincinnati
Also noted is the importance to celebrate Cincinnati’s status as a national leader in preservation and maintain this status as we continue to grow.



Special thanks to Councilmember Jeff Cramerding for hosting CPA at the Equitable Growth and Housing Committee.

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