The John Hauck House


The elegant, stone-fronted Hauck townhouse on Dayton Street’s “Millionaire’s Row,” was built circa 1870 for coal dealer John Skaats. The house was then purchased in the 1880s by beer baron John Hauck, whose brewery was located a block away. The sumptuous Victorian interior is filled with exquisite murals, wood trim and plasterwork.|

In 1968 CPA housed its first offices on the second floor and housed a museum on the first floor.  CPA repurchased the property in 2008 and now uses the house for programs and workshops, utilizing the ongoing restoration as a case study. 


In 2023, CPA once again calls the John Hauck House home as a Preservation Homebase. CPA offices are located on the second floor, and the first floor is a Preservation Library and Resource Room.

Work has begun to convert the first floor of the carriage house into a conference center that can host  CPA’s Practical Preservation Workshops, events and meetings.


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