Former Jackson Brewery Fire

Fire ravages the former Jackson Brewery in Over-the-Rhine.

Early in the morning on Sun 15 Dec 2019, flames tore through the historic former Jackson Brewery in Over-the-Rhine, sending smoke into the air, which could be seen and smelled miles away. The Cincinnati Fire Department responded around 4:20am, immediately sounding a second alarm given the size of the fire. The blaze caused an estimated $250,000 in damages, but no one was hurt.


The former Jackson Brewery is an iconic example of Cincinnati’s rich brewing heritage and its loss would be devastating to our shared history, including the non-profit Brewery District CURC’s efforts to utilize our brewing heritage as an economic development engine through the city-supported Brewing Heritage Trail.


This is one of the most significant pre-Prohibition brewery structures remaining in Cincinnati and America. The building was built in the 1850s, although brewing in the site dates to the late 1820s. It is a stellar example of the “early lagering period” architectural style, similar to most of the breweries built in America from 1850-1870. Beer was brewed on this site for over 100 years, from approximately 1829 through 1943. The network of underground lagering cellars is one of the largest remaining in Cincinnati.

You can follow major historic themes through the stories that happened at this brewery, from immigration to the birth of labor unions to the industrialization of American industry to the decline of the urban core. This building is iconic, an incredible story of our history, and every effort should be put forth to save it.

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