Preservation and Racial Justice

Cincinnati Preservation Association believes the recent events of civic and social unrest in our country once again underscore decades of disparity and distrust. The nationwide outrage following the shocking murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis demands that we, both as organizations and individuals, re-commit to strongly support widely held, yet unattained, values of equality and justice.


The racism at the core of the problem is rooted in our shared history. Throughout our research and advocacy for preservation of historic buildings and sites we repeatedly encounter evidence of segregation and past events that disclose the long‐standing and pervasive harm that racial inequity has had on our society. The recent moment is glaring evidence that we have not done enough to combat the racial inequality that still divides our cities and towns.


At Cincinnati Preservation Association we recognize the need to increase the diversity of stories we tell and to engage with a wider part of the Cincinnati community. As we begin the process of dismantling decades of racism while building a new solid foundation, we commit to listening and learning to work together. We will increase our commitment to advocacy, preservation, and support of predominantly African American neighborhoods and sites.


There is a great deal more to do. We look forward to reaching out and learning about other ways that Cincinnati Preservation Association can help move us toward a more just and equitable society.                                


Board of Trustees, Cincinnati Preservation Association, June 12, 2020

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