Art Deco Architecture of Cincinnati

Photographs by J. Miles Wolf

Exhibit Opens July 13

J. Miles Wolf is partnering with Cincinnati Preservation Association (CPA) and FotoFocus to present an exhibition of more than a 100 photographs of Cincinnati’s amazing collection of Art Deco buildings. 

Hosted by the Annex Gallery, 1310 Pendleton Street, next to the Pendleton Art Center, this exhibit will feature large scale color photographs, informative text and captions that will take you on a journey back to the 1920’s, 30’ and 40’s.The exhibition will open Wednesday, July 13 and run through August 27. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 5:00 p.m. The exhibition is free.

Wolf will be showing photographs of more than 20 buildings, with an in-depth look at several landmark buildings including the Cincinnati Union Terminal, Carew Tower, Netherland Plaza, Times-Star Building, Cincinnati Bell Building and more. There will also be some historic photographs from the Cincinnati History Library at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

“The art of art Deco is what keeps me coming back. I love the way architects worked with artisans to bring a unique style and message to each of their buildings. I am drawn to these details that give the building character. Through various photographic techniques include large format film, high-res digital capture, long telephoto lenses, and the use of drone cameras, I have been able to capture unique views of these amazing buildings,” says Wolf.

“Cincinnati has amazingly stunning examples of Art Deco Architecture. In this photography exhibit, J. Miles Wolf artfully captures the craftsmanship and exquisite details that define this style,” says CPA Executive Director Beth Johnson.

Wolf originally partnered with CPA and the Cincinnati Museum Center in 2020 to create an exhibit that responded to the FotoFocus Biennial theme of Light &. The exhibition was originally scheduled to be displayed at the Museum Center, but due to Covid-19 it was cancelled.

This body of work also includes a new website: which features even more photographs and information about Art Deco architecture of Cincinnati.

Artist Statement – J. Miles Wolf
Think of Art Deco as the roaring 20’s, a time of modernism in all areas of life. From fashion to transportation, design and art, everything was changing rapidly, architects responded to this modern movement by designing building that were sleek, smooth, and modern looking. They worked with artisans to create art that would give a building a unique character. At the time, these buildings were simply called “modern”, over time, this new style became known as Art Deco.
I have been fascinated by these building for decades and when the opportunity came up to partner with the Cincinnati Preservation Association to stage a comprehensive exhibit, I embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm. We are sharing not only photographs but information about the architects and some stories behind the buildings.
Website: J. Miles Wolf Photography