Help the Woodward Theater Win a $150,000 Grant to Restore the Historic Marquee

As  participants of the Partners in Preservation: Main Streets campaign, Cincinnati Preservation Association and the Woodward Theater are encouraging the public to visit VoteYourMainStreet to help the Woodward Theater secure funding to help “Brighten a Beacon in Cincinnati” and preserve the historic theater’s marquee.

The Woodward Theater is missing this marquee, your vote in “Vote Your Main Street” can help restore it. Click the image to leard more and to vote. You can cast 5 votes each day until October 31th.

Click the image above to vote for the Woodward Theater Marquee!


The Woodward Theater is an important part of Main Street and of the Over-the-Rhine Community – Thanks for Supporting it in Vote Your Main Street –  Photo Credit: Phil Armstrong

Partners in Preservation: Main Streets will award $2 million in grant funding from American Express to Main Street districts in need of preservation support across America. Only twenty five sites were selected for this unique program. The public will determine which sites will receive funding of up to $150,000 by voting for their favorite main streets through October 31 at, the online voting portal hosted by National Geographic Travel.

Help show the nation that Cincinnati cares about preservation

 Your can vote for up to 5 projects per day, or you can cast all vote 5 for one project, like the Woodward Theater for example! Voting ends October 31th, 2017, let’s make sure we are at the top.

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The Theater was built in 1913 and retains much of its original facade.

You can cast 5 votes each day, it’s simple and it helps this historic Main Street building!

 Visit this site and VOTE FOR THE WOODWARD THEATER TODAY (and tomorrow).

Historic Marquee to Be Recreated, Lights to Be Restored

The historic Woodward Theater was selected for the project because it contributes so much energy to Main Street. It reopened in 2014 as a concert and event venue in Over the Rhine – except its construction budget didn’t include the historic marquee. You can help us complete the project by restoring the iconic sign that will make the theater a shining beacon on Main Street.
“The reopening of the Woodward Theater brought vitality to Main Street much the same as it did when it was built in 1913,” says Paul Muller, executive director of CPA. “Its use of electric lighting on the facade at that time was innovative and effective. Bringing the marquee back with its original lighting scheme will complete the restoration of this important anchor on Main Street”.
“Returning The Woodward’s iconic 1913 marquee and signage to Main Street is an important part of our ongoing mission to return The Woodward Theater to the Over-the-Rhine community,” says Dan McCabe of The Woodward Theater. “Funding for our project also includes restoration of The Woodward’s fifty-two historic rosettes, needed facade electrical upgrades and cleaning of the porcelain brick. The result will be a complete return of The Woodward Theater as a beacon on Main Street and a truly unique showcase of Cincinnati’s historic architectural heritage.”

The Woodward theater as it appeared in 1913, the marquee seen here will be restored if the project ranks well in the national voting.

Woodward is a rare surviving example of an early moving picture theater. Opened 1913 as a silent movie house in the Over-the-Rhine, it continued in that role until 1933. The glazed white brick facade and marquee were illuminated extensively, pushing the limits of 1913 technology into a new era. After decades of intervening uses, include auto sales, grocery and antique storage, it returned to theater use in 2013. Considering the range of uses, the architectural elements are, with the exception of the missing marquee, remarkably intact. The owners worked closely with preservationists and the OTR community and the theater is now a vital center of entertainment and community activity. This place matters because, since it reopened in 2014, it has added vitality to Main Street, sustains many non-profit initiatives, and shows us the Woodward could really light up the street…even in 1913!

We hope you agree and that you will help the Woodward secure this $150,000 grant by voting for the project at:

Partners in Preservation: Main Streets Open House Weekend

Woodward Theater  hosted an Open House Weekend event on October 8 for the public, highlighting the importance of Main Street preservation efforts in Cincinnati. Woodward Theater is one of twenty-five historic Main Street districts across the country participating in the Partners in Preservation: Main Streets Open House Weekend.
Partners in Preservation is a community-based partnership, created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express, to raise awareness of the importance of preserving historic places and their role in sustaining local communities.
Delta Air Lines is the sponsor of the Partners in Preservation: Main Streets Open House Weekend. Open House Weekend activities at Woodward Theater are one of many local events taking place nationwide between October 6 and 9.

Why Main Street Matters

According to 2016 data from Main Street America, investments in Main Street districts have a significant impact on local economies – encouraging real estate development as well as the creation of new businesses and jobs. In 2016, $4.65 billion reinvested in Main Street improvement programs resulted in 8,042 building rehabilitations, 5,616 business openings, and 27,462 new jobs.
Furthermore, according to a recent study from Morning Consult of 2,201 Americans commissioned by American Express, 79 percent of Americans say that preserving Main Street is important. Additionally, 79 percent of Americans say that the idea of Main Street is what makes America beautiful. Main Street is also seen as vital in connecting Americans to their local community – 82 percent of Americans say that Main Street is important to their ability to socialize with others in a community. A similar amount, 86 percent, say that Main Street is important to the well-being and the enjoyment of a community.
For more information and to vote daily for the Woodward Theater through October 31, visit and share the love via social media using #VoteYourMainStreet.
Remember, you can vote 5 times per day, for different projects or you can cast all 5 votes for one project. Voting open now to October 31, 2017.