Event Calendar


Dear Ludlow Historic Society Members and Supporters,
     Once again, the Historic Society is sponsoring the annual Christmas Home Tour on Saturday, December 6, from 4-7pm with a Grand Finale from 6-8 at ELMWOOD HALL, Ludlow’s oldest home built in 1818.  Tickets are $15 on the day of the event at First Baptist Church, 400 Linden St.
or beginning Nov. 29 at Ideal Supply and “230 Elm” Antique and Vintage Shop.  The ticket is also good for a reduced admission (including children) to Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park, home to the Holiday Toy Trains and the Greater Cincinnati Transportation History exhibit on Dec, 7, 13, and 14.
     The Home Tour features five residences recently restored, including the old Presbyterian Church purchased as a home in 2011.  Local shopkeepers and the Heritage Museum on Elm St. will also be open from 4-7.
     Money raised from the Home Tour will be directed to home and neighborhood revitalization projects in Ludlow.  To celebrate the city’s 150th, we are giving you the opportunity to honor your Ludlow family and ancestors by donating $150 to the Historic Society.  Donors will be recognized in the Home Tour guidebook.  Send your check in honor of the designated family to:
417 Elm ST.
Ludlow, KY 41016     Contributions are tax deductible.
    This year’s event will be a fitting and grand way to celebrate the ending of Ludlow’s Sesquicentennial.  For additional information, check our web site atwww.preserveludlow.org
Ruth Bamberger
President LHS