Endangered Cincinnati

CPA and the Betts House Research Center joined forces to present a multi-media exhibit highlighting our region’s endangered historic landmarks: “Endangered Cincinnati: Can These Buildings Be Saved?”. The exhibit highlights buildings that are still with us but under threat. The purpose is to focus our attention on them with the hope that they may be preserved rather than lost.

In some cases, the forces may be too great. Two of the featured landmarks, both Mid-Century Modern houses by Woodie Garber, were demolished before the exhibit could be installed. We hope the other buildings featured are luckier.

Endangered Cincinnati was made possible by gifts and grants from the following: Phillip & Whitney Long, the Fine Arts Fund, Robert Dorsey and the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati. 

Introduction to Exhibit
Changing Neighborhoods
Functional Obsolescence
Institutional Expansion
No School Left Behind?
Threatened African American Heritage
Over The Rhine
University Redevelopment