Beauty in the Grove

There’s a new storyteller in the Nuxhall family. Phil Nuxhall, oldest son of late Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Joe Nuxhall, describes the historic monuments, landscape and architecture of Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum in his new book, “Beauty in the Grove.” Now available in area bookstores and at ($49.95), the book provides a pictorial tour of the nation’s largest cemetery. It was established in 1845 by Cincinnati Horticultural Society members on a private farm filled with natural springs and groves of trees. Nuxhall, Spring Grove historian and tour coordinator, tells about the many famous people laid to rest there – members of the Shillito, McAlpin, Procter and Gamble families; the parents of Presidents William Howard Taft and Ulysses S. Grant; civil rights pioneer and Cincinnati Mayor Theodore M. Berry; Reds announcer Waite Hoyt; New York Yankees manager Miller Huggins; singer Ruby Wright; and Agnes Lake Thatcher, Wild Bill Hickock’s first wife. The 244-page book features photos by Robert Flischel, Charles Gast and Randall Schieber.

Mr. Nuxhall is a long time supporter and current trustee of Cincinnati Preservation Association.